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We are delighted to announce that the conference abstracts have been published online in Trials, which is published by BioMed Central.

To access and download the supplement please click here.

Abstract Submission Now Closed

The conference abstract submissions were grouped into the following categories:

Invited Sessions
A group of speakers from different institutions discuss a topical issue in trials. Speakers are identified by the organisers of the Invited session, which are often organised as a series of talks followed by a facilitated discussion, or as a panel discussion with questions from a facilitator and the audience.  Invited sessions typically last 90 minutes.

Submission open: 22nd August 2016
Deadline: 10th November 2016

Contributed Papers & Poster sessions
A series of oral presentations, each typically lasting 15 minutes including questions, grouped together under a common theme.  Sessions typically comprise four to six presentations depending on the time available for the session.  Grouping presentations into themes is done by the conference organisers once all contributions have been selected.

Submission open: 
22nd August 2016
10th November 2016

In-Conference Tutorials
An interactive session on a method or topic related to trials.  Tutorial sessions are not intended to be purely didactic but will have plenty of time for discussion and may include small-group work, hands-on use of tools and software, troubleshooting and ‘ask-the-expert’ time.  In-conference tutorial sessions typically last 90 minutes.

Submission open: 22nd August 2016
10th November 2016

Pre-Conference Educational Workshops – Sunday 7th May 2017
Short courses on topical methods or issues related to clinical trials typically lasting around 4 hours.  The focus is on education and training and will include hands-on work and plenty of time for questions and discussion.  These are an additional cost to the attendees.

Submission open: 22nd August 2016
10th November 2016

Awards and Scholarship Programmes
The Society for Clinical Trials offers two exciting scholarship program opportunities for the Annual Meeting in Liverpool, United Kingdom. These competitions and prestigious awards are given in honor of two contributors of great significance to the discipline of clinical trials and to the SCT.

SCT Thomas C. Chalmers Student Scholarship
For Students enrolled in a degree program of an accredited college or university, or post-doctoral fellows.

SCT Sylvan Green Award
For Physicians and Dentists involved in clinical trials or epidemiology projects.

Click here for more details.

Submission open: 22nd August 2016
10th November 2016

Notification of Acceptance
Authors will be advised of the Committee’s decision by the above given dates.  Please note that all presenters will be required to be in attendance at the conference and to pay the registration fee.

Posters will be on display throughout the meeting. Poster boards are 1.00m wide x 2.00m high. It is recommended that displays do not exceed 1.5m in length. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any posters left after the conference.