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Mon 8th 10.45 – 12.15

Invited Session & Workshop 1

Invited Session 1.1 – Statistical Design & Trial Conduct
Design and conduct of Oncology Clinical Trials: A Session in Memory of Daniel J. Sargent (1970-2016)

Invited Session 1.2 – Adaptive Design and Dose Selection
Recent Advances in Methods for Handling Missing Data in Clinical Trials

Invited Session 1.3 – Operations & Design
Balancing on-site and central monitoring: where does new evidence lead us?

Invited Session 1.4 – Recruitment and Participant Relations
Conducting trials in adult populations with diminished capacity

Invited Session 1.5 – Clinical/Outcomes
Outcomes in Trials and Systematic Reviews:  Why we should be paying more attention

Workshop 1 
PRECIS-2: Precisely how can this tool help investigators design trials to achieve practical answers to “real world” questions?