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Sun 7th 09:00 - 13:00

Pre- Conference Workshop 2 – Towards evidence-based recruitment and retention strategies: advancing trial efficiency through embedded recruitment and retention trials

Workshop Presenters

Adwoa Hughes-Morley, York Trials Unit, University of York
Shaun Treweek, Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen
Peter Bower, MRC North West Hub for Trials Methodology Research, University of Manchester
Valerie Brueton, King’s College London

Description of Workshop

Randomised trials are key to any evidence-based health care system: any barrier to effective and efficient trials is a barrier to evidence-based health care. Chief among these barriers are the challenges of recruitment and retention. Around half (at least) of trials fail to recruit to target and those that do often fail to keep participants in the trial. Despite more than 25,000 trials a year being reported, all of which must recruit and retain participants, the evidence base to support evidence-informed recruitment and retention strategies is remarkably thin. Unsurprisingly then, recruitment and retention are the top two priorities in trials methodology research.

This workshop will present the current state-of-the-art in the science of recruitment and retention and brainstorm ideas about evidence-based, effective recruitment and retention. We aim to generate practical proposals about new interventions that could be evaluated to improve efficiency in recruitment and retention by using methodology trials embedded in ongoing host trials. In particular, we will consider
what the opportunities, challenges, barriers and enablers are to routinely evaluating recruitment and retention interventions in ongoing trials, including interventions that are widely used but have little or no evidence of benefit to support their use.

The workshop will be in two-parts and will include a refreshment break. Part One will focus on the background and methods underpinning embedded recruitment and retention trials and Part Two will focus on practical aspects of implementation and reporting. Both will emphasise that recruitment and retention are linked and that the consequences of, say, a recruitment strategy on retention (and vice
versa) should be explicitly considered.

Target Audience
Everyone involved in recruiting and/or retaining participants in trials, including Trial Coordinators/Managers, as well as Investigators and anyone interested in trials methodology research and efficient conduct of trials.